Indoor and outdoor LED screens are an advertisers dream for displaying eye-catching dynamic content. The size and brightness of our Videowall range instantly draws the attention of anyone who passes by. We can provide full-colour advertising LED displays for any digital advertising application with the ability to change and monitor content from anywhere in the world.

Sports Arenas

An LED screen is an invaluable addition to any sports stadium or arena. Ensuring every fan sees all the action. Our LED displays offer live score and time counters, instant replays and live up-close views of all the play. Our Videowall range offers the flexibility to provide a solution for everything from a 100-seat arena to a 100,000 seat stadium. Make sure there is not a bad seat in the house with an LED Giant Screen from LED Displays.


– Outdoor

With the advent of the smoking ban the outdoor areas of bars and pubs have become a big drawing factor. While traditional TVs like LCD’s and Plasmas and especially projectors struggle outdoors, LED screens do not. With brightness of up to 15x that of LCD, our Videowall screens allow viewing in direct sunlight at a size that means everyone can see the match.

– Indoor

Many bars and pubs use high-brightness projectors for their big screens when an important sporting event is drawing in the crowds, the problem with these projectors is that they are directly affected by the ambient light of the room they are in. Our indoor LED screens work in an entirely different way, with the light coming from the screen itself rather than bounced off a projection screen. This means that no matter how bright the ambient light in a room, the picture from our Videowall LED screen will be bright and vibrant.


Night-clubs can benefit from several uses of LED video technology. Video screens have become very popular to add a visual element to a DJs performance, with an LED Screen the effect of this is multiplied. The size, vibrancy and impact of an LED screen simply cannot be matched for this application. Night-clubs are also ideal for LED wall washes, these low-resolution variable colour panels can allow the entire look and feel of the club to be changed in seconds. We can also build LED video modules into a dance-floor to create something really special.


LED Billboards pave a new business model for advertising companies. No longer do you need to pay high printing costs, manually change the content with crews sometimes working at potentially dangerous heights. All content can be managed from one central location and changed at the click of a button. Couple these with the instant visual impact an LED screen provides and the advantages are obvious. We can advise on planning and content regulations in Ireland relating to placements on the side of roads.

Perimeter Advertising

Stadium advertising hoardings are in the midst of a revolution. LED display technology has allowed dynamic content to catch the eye of every viewer. Our new perimeter LED displays bring the pitchside advertising to life with full motion video and animations. Our Videowall Perimeter 18 includes specially design impact resistant LED modules to protect from damage, a padded top to protect the players and a built in adjustable tilt stand. The entire content displayed can be controlled on-the-fly during a match with our own custom software.


Indoor LED screens can provide a hugely versatile digital backdrop for any theatre. Whether the show is drama, music, comedy or lecture an LED screen or display will provide a great view to everyone in the audience. The displays can be stepped and separated to allow a greater level of immersion for the performers.

Outdoor Gigs & Festivals

It is now almost expected that every large open-air gig or festival will have a big screen for those who cannot get up the front to still experience the performance to its fullest. We can supply the LED screens and advise on rigging, cameras, and production. Our LED displays offer up to 10000 nits of brightness so that even in direct sunlight in the heart of summer no spectator will miss a thing.

Outdoor Cinemas

LED screens are an absolute must for any outdoor cinema. With projection, you are limited to the hours of darkness for use, of which there a few in the premium months of summer. With LED displays however there are no limitations, they can be used in the brightest sunshine, the pouring rain or the darkest night. We can also assist with sound distribution systems, everything from huge PA systems to FM transmitters to work with car radios (subject to licensing).

Indoor Cinemas

Cinema theatres cannot always remove all ambient light. When this happens projector images become washed out and lack any real black levels. Our Videowall i Series LED screen does not suffer with these issues. Even with all the lights in the house turned on our LED screens will still pop with vibrancy, brightness and colour.

Building Signs

Illuminated building signs have long been a pre-requisite for attractive business premises, with an LED digital building sign you can really take this to the next level. Our Videowall LED building signs provide a striking, dynamic and vibrant welcome to your property. Most importantly, you are not stuck with one sign design. You can change your LED sign whenever you feel the need to reflect you current marketing. The content, be it video or static, is entirely under your control.

Traffic Management

LED screens are of enormous use as VMS (Variable Message Signs). Their ability to be dynamically updated from a central location provides an instant ability to control traffic flows. The LED displays can be single colour, bi-colour or full colour and can be customised to the specifics of an application.

Curtain LEDs

Curtain LEDs can perform the function of a changeable colour wash and also that of scrolling text or even video. These ropes of LED pixels can be hung in any configuration to create a multitude of effects, perfect for large venues, shopping centres and night-clubs.

Mobile Screens

Our Videowall LED screens can be mounted to trailers, trucks and trusses to provide a mobile big screen experience. We can provide integrated solutions from a simple truss frame to a big-rig truck with full production facilities. Onboard power, quick set-up times and stability in harsh weather are all built into our mobile units. Big or small, we can provide a cost-effective mobile LED screen solution.

LED Scoreboards

LED scoreboards are a wonderful way of addressing the issue of multiple sports using a stadium. With our custom developed software the layouts, format and updating interface can be switched at the click of a button. During the match the display can be used not only for scores but also team line-ups, stadium announcements and advertising. Whether 100 or 100,000 capacity, LED scoreboards bring a new dimension to spectator communications.n advise on planning and content regulations in Ireland relating to placements on the side of roads.