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“Wow, look at the size of that screen – it’s as big as a building – and look at the brightness of it, even though the sun is shining directly onto it, look at the vibrancy of that picture.” That’s an outdoor LED screen they are talking about – they can range in size from 4 sq. m to hundreds of sq. metres.

What makes an LED screen or video wall so bright? An LED video-wall or LED display is made up of thousands of clusters of very small red, green and blue light emitting diodes (LED) powered in such a way as to create the same effect as a pixel on an LCD or plasma screen, but because each of the pixels on an LED screen has much more space around it and is much larger it can emit a brightness up to 15 times the brightness of a standard LCD screen.

How can an LED screen give such a big picture and keep the quality? When you stand very close to an LED screen you can see that it is made up of thousands of tiny red, green and blue LED bulbs, switching on and off, to give the image. As you move back even a few metres the individual LED bulbs disappear merging into a vibrant and dynamic video image. The longer the viewing distance required the bigger and therefore the brighter the LED bulb can be. So in a football stadium the average viewing distance might be 50m so the LED’s can be spaced 25mm apart, whereas if the requirement is for indoor advertising billboards the viewing distance might be 5m so the space between each LED maybe 5 or 6 mm.

LED Displays Ltd. can supply any size of indoor or outdoor LED video screen purchase, short-term hire or long-term lease. LED screens can come as fixed or mobile units, rigged for stage events and concerts and can carry any video input – TV, live camera feeds, DVD, PC and broadcast facilities.